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Larch and spruces trees, rivers, lakes, rocks and sky.
Nature is queen and king of Alpe Devero. In every season you can know and appreciate the spectacle that nature offers to people visiting this Alp.
In summer the green fields, the colours of flowers, blue and green lakes, the red of the sunsets are the hues of the season. Marmots, chamois, eagles and, if you are lucky even the rare bearded vulture will make you company.
In the green pastures of the alpine the cheese makers produce excellent cheeses, as well as butter, Ricotta and of course the fantastic milk. All products are of a high quality, using techniques that are handed down from father to son for several generations.
In the winter the peace of the snow wraps across the Alps. In the season of hibernation it’s possible to appreciate the snowy landscapes, sunlight filtering through the clouds, icy lakes and waterfalls.
So 365 days a year Alpe Devero is a real contact with nature.